declaration form报关单

 Three steps—declaration, examination of goods andn release of goods, are taken by the Customs to exercise control over general import and export goods.海关对进出境货物的监管一般经过申报、查验和放行三个环节。

 the person in chargen of the declaration


 ocean bill of lading提单n

 airn waybill空运提单

 packing list或packing specification(装箱单)n

 shippingn order(装货单)

 letter of credit(L|C)(信用证)n

 insurance policy(保险单)n

 salesn confirmation售货确认书

 contract(合同)(commodity, quantity, unit price, totaln amount, country of origin and manufacturer, packing, shipping mark, date of shipment, port of shipment, port of destination, insurance, payment, shipment, shipping advice, guarantee of quality, claims, force majeure, late delivery and penalty, arbitration)

certificate(commodity inspection certificate商检证

animal or plant quarantine certificate 动植物检疫证

certificate of origin原产地证)




import进口 export出口

 importn & export corporation (Corp.)

 importn & export business (enterprise entitled to do import and export business)

 export drawback出口退税n

 importn & export licence

 processing with imported(supplied) materials进(来)料加工n


buyer买方 seller卖方

The buyer requests his bank to issue a letter of credit in favor of the seller.

Goods (import& export goods, All import and export goods shall be subject to Customs examination)

cargo (bulk cargo, cargo in bulk, air cargo, sea cargo, bonded cargo, cargo-owner

What cargo is inside the container?

The cargo is now released.)

Commodity (commodity inspection)


article(smuggled goods and articles, inward and outward goods and articles)

luggage 行李物品

postal items 邮递物品

You don’t have to pay duty on personal belongings, but the other one is subject to duty.


means of transport(conveyance)运输工具(vessel, aircraft, train, vehicle):All inward and outward means of transport shall be subject to Customs control on arriving in or departing from the Customs territory.

ocean vessel船名


packing(bag袋, bale包, bottle, coil圈,case, crate板条箱,dozen, package件:total packages合计件数, piece, roll, set, unit辆,台,单位,drum桶, carton纸箱, wooden cases木箱, pallet托盘, container ,in bulk)



gross weight毛重 net weight净重


quantity数量:The minimum quantity of an order for the goods is 500 cases.

description of goods货名

name and specifications of commodity品名及规格


mode (term)of trade贸易方式

name of trading country贸易国

date of importation进口日期


total value of the contract commercial value, duty-paying value

The duty-paying value of an import item shall be its normal CIF price and the duty-paying value of an export item shall be its FOB price, minus the export duty.

The duty-paying value of an inward or outward article shall be fixed by the Customs.

price价格unit price单价 total price总价

total amount总价

consignor发货人 consignee收货人

While the examination is being carried out, the consignee of the import goods or the consignor of the export goods shall be present and responsible for moving the goods, opening and restoring the packing

Declaration of import goods shall be made to the Customs by the consignee within 14 days of the declaration of the arrival of the means of transport; declaration of export goods shall be made by the consignor 24 hours prior to the loading unless otherwise approved by the Customs. 进口货物的收货人应当自运输工具申报进境之日起14日内,出口货物的发货人除海关特准的外应当在货物运抵海关监管区后装货的24小时以前,向海关申报。



 carrier承运人(a person or business that carries goods or passengersn from one place to another for payment)

 notify party通知方n

agent代理人:shipping agent装运代理人,发货代理人 insurance agent保险代理人

Declaration of inward and outward articles and payment of duties on them may be made either by the owner or by a person the owner has entrusted to act as his agent.

agency代理: China Ocean Shipping Agency中国外轮代理公司


shipment documents运输单据 date of shipment装船日期, 装运期

combined transport shipment port to port shipment

We’ll try our best to advance shipment to September.


freight charges 运费 air freight charge航空运费 freight rates运费率




terms of payment付款方式 immediate payment即期付款

 Payment by L ∕C is a favorable method ofn payment because the exporter has bank’s promise to pay for the goods shipped.

 We usually accept payment by irrevocable L ∕C payable againstn shipping documents.我们采用不可撤消的信用证,凭装运单据结汇付款方式。


port of dispatch发货港 port of departure 始发港 port of loading装货港 port of shipment 装货港 ,起运地 port of delivery交货港 port of destination目的港 port of discharge卸货港 port of entry进口港

port of transshipment转运港


commodity code商品编码

country of origin and manufacturers原产国及生产商

terms and conditions条件


 Marks, n Marking, Mks, Marks&No., shipping Marks标记麦码

To, Sold to Messers 或For Account & Risk of Messers(后注买方的名称和地址)Messrs.是Mr.的复数

as per根据


per (1)for each, for every:50 cents per yard

(2)through, by: shipment per steamer


CIF(cost, insurance and freight)到岸价格

C&F(cost and freight)

CFR(cost and freight)

FOB(free on board)离岸价

 L∕C N信用证编号n


 Invoice No.:发票编号n

 Contractn No.;合同编号

 B∕L No.:提单号n

 CNTR No柜号n

 S∕C NO.:销售合同号码n

 Purchase Ordern No.

 Certificate No.证书编号n

 Art. No.:货号n

 case No.:箱号n

 S∕On No.(shipping order):装货单号

 Voy. N 航次n

Seal No.封号 (Seals affixed by the Customs shall not be opened or broken by any person without Customs authorization. 海关加施的封志,任何人不得擅自开启或损毁。)

 Reference No.证书编号n

 Customs Ves.n # 海关编号

 Marksn & Nos.:麦头和编号

 Container No.集装箱号n


n MAWB(Master Air Waybill)航空总运单

 HAWB(House Air Waybill)分运单n

 place ofn REIPT收货地

 s∕s:(steam ship)船名n

 Ex. Rate汇率n

n M∕W(measurement∕weight)体积或重量

 H.S Code协调税则税目号n

 Your Ref.(Referencen Number)贵公司编号

Modes of payment:


 T∕T(telegraphic transfer)电汇n

n M∕T(mail transfer)信汇

 D∕D(demand draft)票汇n


 D∕P(documents againstn payments)付款交单

 D∕A(documents against acceptance)承兑交单n

3.L∕C(letter of credit)信用证

 mt.(metric ton)公吨n



n kg.(kilogram)公斤




n yd.(yard)码


 sq.m(square metre)平方米n

 cu.m(cubicn metre)立方米



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