外贸英语之包装 (3)

We agree to use cartons for outer packing.


Could you use cardboard boxes?


It would cost more for you to pack the goods in wooden cases.


The piece goods are to be wrapped in kraft paper, then packed in wooden cases.


The eggs are packed in cartons with beehives lined with shake-proof paper board.


Each pill is put into a small box sealed with wax.


Please make the fruit jar airtight.


We’ll pack them two dozen to one carton, gross weight around 25 kilos a carton.


Ten bottles are put into a box and 100 boxes into a carton.


This would discourage people from trying their hand on such packing.


No charge will be allowed for packages.


The case was a substantial one, with sufficient packing used.


I’m afraid the cardboard boxes are not strong enough for ocean transportation.


Such shirts packed in cardboard cartons can save freight cost.


We prefer packing in smaller cases.


We advocate using smaller container to pack the goods.


We use metal angles at each corner of the carton.


Each case is lined with foam plastics in order to protect the goods against press.


The canned goods are to be packed in cartons with double straps.


You must reinforce the packing with metal straps.


The goods are to be packed in strong export cases, securely strapped.


Shirts are to be packed in plastic-lined water-proof cartons.


We use a polythene wrapper for each shirt.


The fountain pen is placed in a satin-covered small box, lined with beautiful silk ribbon.


case 箱

carton 纸板箱,纸箱

wooden case 木箱

crate 板条箱

chest 箱

casket 小箱

box 盒子

cask 桶

keg 小桶

wooden cask 木桶

barrel 琵琶桶

drum 圆桶

iron drum 铁桶

to be packed in bag 用袋装

to be packed in paper bag 用纸袋装

gunny bag 麻袋

plastic bag 塑料袋

foam plastic bag 泡沫塑料袋

balse 包件

canvas 帆布

bundle 捆,束

can/tin 罐装,听装

coil 捆,盘装

glass jar 玻璃瓶装

container 集装箱

pallet 托盘

breakage-proof 防破损

shakeproof 防震

leakage-proof 防漏

water-proof 防水

sound-proof 隔音

metal strap 铁箍

kraft paper 牛皮纸

flexible container 集装包

parcel 小包,一批货

packed cargo 包装货

parcel post 包裹邮寄

packet (pkt.) 包裹,封套,袋

single packing 单件包装

collective packing 组合包装

outer packing 大包装,外包装

inner packing 内包装,小包装

substantial 坚固的

ocean transportation 远洋运输

smaller container 小容器

polythene 聚乙烯

the canned goods 罐装货

satin-covered 缎包装的

silk ribbon 绸带

外贸英语之包装 (4)

On the outer packing, please mark wording, “Handle with Care”。


Every 100 dozen should be packed in a wooden case marked TM and numbered from No. 1 upward.


Please mark the cases(boxes,bags,casks,etc)as per the drawing given.


Please cable packing and marks.


We will mark the packages the same as before.


mark 唛头

Indicative Mark 指示性标志

Warning Mark 警告性标志

upward 向上,由下往上

This Side Up 此端向上

Handle With Care 小心轻放

Keep Upright 勿倒置

Use No Hooks 请勿倒挂

Not to be tripped 勿倾倒

Keep in a dry place 在干燥处保管

Keep in a cool place 在冷处保管

Keep away from boilers 远离锅炉

Keep away from heat 请勿受热

Keep away from cold 请勿受冷

Keep Dry 防湿

Explosive 爆炸品

Fragile 易碎品

Inflammable 易燃品

Inflammable Gas 易燃气体

Inflammable Solid 易燃固体

Inflammable Liquid 易燃液体

Dangerous When Wet 遇水燃烧品

Poison 毒剂

Poison Gas 毒气

Spontaneously Combustible 自燃物品

Organic Peroxide 有机氧化物

Oxidizing Agent 氧化剂

Radioactive 放射性物品

Corrosive 腐蚀性物品

Additional neutral packing 中性包装

customary packing 习惯包装

cargo in bulk 散装货

nuded cargo 裸装货

shipment packing 运输包装

consumer packing 消费包装

packaging industry 包装工业

pack test 包装试验

package design 包装设计

package engineering 打包工程

package in damaged condition 破损包装

package materials (packing supplies) 包装材料

packing cost 包装成本

“packing extra” 包装费用另计

packing and presentation 包装装潢及外观

packing credit 打包放款,包装信用证

packing letter of credit 包装信用证,红条标信用证

packing list/note/slip 装箱单

packing specification 包装标准化

seller’s usual packing 卖方习惯包装

seaworthy packing 适合海运包装